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Aoa, I have started a new business and need prays for my new business.

Prayer Requested By: Zubair

Please for me ! I am still single and finding marriage partner for me from last 6 months.

Prayer Requested By: Nasir

Hi there, I have lost many resources for my business, please pray for me.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester

Please pray for my mother, she is in critical condition.

Prayer Requested By: Jamshaid

Please pray for me. I am married from last 4 years and still have no child. Please pray for me.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester

Aoa Please pray for for me. I am cancer patient from last 3 months.

Prayer Requested By: Ayoon Abbas

Hi here, Please pray for me, I have lost my money last night in bank robbery.

Prayer Requested By: Awais

Wanna going abroad for job. Needs pray !

Prayer Requested By: Afzal

I need prays for my daughter marriage.

Prayer Requested By: Akram

I need pray for my child illness from last 4 months.

Prayer Requested By: Sana